Investment criteria

Conserve primary resources, preserve biodiversity, promote sustainable business models

The activities of Steinbeis Holding are invested for long term. When we invest, we aim to promote the development and market potential of target SMEs whose strategies and business purposes move in ecological, economic, and social dimensions. We predict high demand and potential need in the segments of biogas, photovoltaics, wind power, CHP technology, ecological paper, and plastics recycling, as well as in the collection, recycling, and trading of waste materials. This kind of growth needs time, and it needs an investment concept with vision.

Sector focus

Paper, plastics, energy, circular economy

As globalisation progresses, resources are becoming increasingly scarce. This has repercussions. It is damaging the foundations of production in industrialised countries, threatening the ecological balance, and causing climate change. Sustainability is a concept that can counteract these scenarios and their associated risks. Steinbeis Holding focuses on businesses in the solar- and wind power, biogas, in ecologically integrated production, and in the circular economy.

Investment process

Selecting projects

Steinbeis Holding explores investment opportunities using defined criteria. A company’s position in the market, its competitive differentiation, its management and organisational structures, and its prospects for success and earnings are entrepreneurially important. Where indicated as strategically and operationally appropriate, we assist by adding value in the areas of financing, planning, and management, and technical and commercial operations management.


Commitment to the target companies

  • with equity and equity equivalents
  • with secondary loans
Investment outlook

Investment rational

  • no envisaged exit
  • long-term cooperation
Synergy level

Structural features

  • focus on strategic development of the holding company
  • synergies between holding companies
  • autonomous business strategies with potential business success in the holding companies

Dual income expectation

  • continuous income from the participation
  • sustainable increase in the value of the business
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