Our commitment

Sustainability as a mission and an opportunity

Steinbeis Holding continues its commitment in the spirit of the entrepreneur family. We are active in the areas of Steinbeis’ expertise. Our investment strategy focuses on sustainable businesses in the circular economy, green energies, and ecological paper. Our investment approach is long-term, allowing us to grow the company’s values sustainably. Sustainability doesn’t just mean continuity. It applies in the traditional sense and in accordiance with economy, ecology, and social competence.

The concept of sustainable development means “... that the present generation meets its needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.”

Brundtland Report 1987
Knowledge generated over generations

Steinbeis Holding’s areas of expertise

Corporate and management culture have a long-standing tradition at Steinbeis. A more than 150-year history has been shaped by the paper industry and the timber and forestry sector. Other significant chapters in the family’s history are its involvement in economic politics and its promotion of industrialisation in Wuerttemberg, major engineering achievements such as the construction of the first rack railway in Germany in 1912, and the production of graphical papers based on waste paper as a secondary raw material. The generations of expertise acquired from these activities is reflected in the areas in which the group is active and invests today.

Gestapelte Altpapierballen
Raw materials

Knowledge of the cyclical nature and global mode of operation of raw materials markets; many years of experience in raw materials purchasing.

Das Steinbeis Kraftwerk

Practical knowledge of the specific characteristics of different primary and secondary fuels; operation of our own power plants.

Flotationszelle in der Altpapieraufbereitung

Sound understanding of industrial processes; production of commodities.

Blick auf die vollbiologische Kläranlage
Waste materials

Understanding the opportunities and risks arising from the regulated disposal of residues and waste; closing cycles.

Investment focus

Increasing long-term company value

The lead markets of environmental technology are a model of success and show strong growth driven by the megatrends of climate change and resource scarcity. Product and system solutions are needed worldwide. As an entrepreneurial holding, we search for businesses and projects that are active in the lead markets of green energy, the circular economy, and ecological production. Through long-term commitments, we aim to exploit these markets’ potential for success and growth and achieve a substantial increase in the value of our company. Steinbeis Holding does not intervene in operational business; affiliated companies pursue independent strategies.


Diversity and compliance


At Steinbeis, we are committed to equal opportunities, diversity, occupational safety, health protection, co-determination, the integration of migrants and people with disabilities, adequate pay and a healthy work-life balance.

Any form of exploitation or discrimination on the grounds of age, gender, race or ethnic origin, religion or ideology, health or sexual identity will not be tolerated. Fair working conditions and other labour regulations are complied with.

In order to underline this once again, Steinbeis Holding GmbH has signed the Charta der Vielfalt (Diversity Charter) on behalf of every company within the Steinbeis Group.



The Steinbeis Group is a successful family-run business with a long-standing value-based tradition dating back more than 150 years. Responsible and lawful business activities (compliance) are therefore a fundamental requirement for the corporate success of the individual companies.

Compliance with all binding obligations, such as relevant laws, regulations and official requirements is a matter of course for us. Furthermore, we set even stronger standards internally with various measures and provisions relating to corporate governance, compliance and corruption prevention.

As sustainable future-oriented company, we adhere to the terms of the German Sustainability Code.


The management of Steinbeis Holding has many years of experience in setting up, financing, and running companies in the energy technology, paper recycling, circular economy, and renewable energy sectors.

Michael Söffge Managing Director

Supervisory Board

Stephanie Ecker Chairperson
Maximilian Steinbeis
Luise Baumhauer
Hans Freudenberg
Dr. Stefan Bötzel
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