Business areas

Ecological paper, the circular economy, and green energy

Using raw materials and primary energies efficiently, developing and using innovative environmental technologies, sustainability in resource management, designing production and value chains – all these are important factors for the economy, for growth, and for employment.

Promoting circular economy-based paper mills

Ecological paper

Steinbeis’ corporate and management background gives Steinbeis Holding essential key expertise in circular-economy-based paper production. The process of remodelling energy- and resource-intensive industrial paper mill operations into technologically advanced, ecologically integrated recycled paper mills has set new standards in the industry. New standards have been established not only in technologies, paper production, and product quality, but also in certifications, environmental balances, and the paper market itself. We feed this expertise, our knowledge of cyclical operations, and our understanding of digitalised, industrial processes into our alliances with industrial partners.
Investing in circular economy businesses

Circular economy

The modern economy is undergoing an accelerating shift towards a resource-based and circular economy – as it rightly should. The strategy and goal of Steinbeis Holding is to promote resource-efficient economies by establishing and operating businesses that process precious materials for recycling, because this reduces the use of natural raw materials while increasing their productivity. The ecological production of plastic granulate from secondary materials is one such key competence in circular-economy-based production at Steinbeis Holding.
Renewable energies and heat-controlled CHP power plants

Green energy

Renewable energies and sustainable energy production systems are being rolled out fast to counteract resource scarcity and environmental pollution. This not only reduces energy costs and emissions, it also reduces reliance on energy imports. It is also bringing Germany’s next goal within reach: a 50 % reduction in primary energy consumption by 2050.
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