Future-oriented business areas

Sustainable investment portfolio

Efficient use of raw materials and energy, developing and using innovative technologies, sustainability in resource management, and designing production and value chains – all these are important factors for the economy, growth, and employment. This is precisely the environment in which Steinbeis Holding’s investments are placed and where they combine to form an exemplary sustainability portfolio.

Ecological paper

Europe’s most advanced ecologically integrated recycled paper mill.

Circular economy

Producer of low-carbon substitute fuels from municipal and commercial waste.

Specialist in waste paper disposal and processing. Supplier of businesses.

Production of high-quality plastic recyclates.

Green energy

The core business is the efficient generation and supply of useful energy on the basis of combined heat and power.

Carbon-free electricity generation based on biomass.

Location: Lower Bavaria. 1.2 MWe solar park incorporating thin-film modules.

Location: Upper Bavaria. 3.3 MWe solar park incorporating polycrystalline modules.

450 Nm³/h NAWARO biogas plant producing 0.4 MWe CHP and biogas upgrading plant.

450 Nm³/h NAWARO biogas plant producing 0.4 MWe CHP and biogas upgrading plant.

NAWARO biogas plant producing 0.7 MWe CHP and connected district heating network.

Location: Rhineland-Pfalz. Two Enercon E-82 wind turbines. Output 4.6 MW.

Location: Baden-Wuerttemberg. Five GE 120 turbines. Output 13.9 MW.

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