Wolken am Himmel

ReThinking the Future

We are meeting the major global challenges posed by climate change and resource scarcity with the same foresight, sense of responsibility, and emphasis on values which Steinbeis demonstrated when it began its family business 150 years ago. That’s why we always focus on working with like-minded companies that provide intelligent answers to the complex questions that the future poses. We promote sustainable management in industry and the responsible use of raw materials.

We invest in the circular economy, green energies, and ecological paper. The future, after all, is not an abstract concept – not at Steinbeis Holding. It’s a place where it feels good to live – for us and for generations to come.

We’re committed to innovative products

Far-sightedness, values, and a feel for markets have a long tradition at the Steinbeis family business – 150 years long. These are attitudes that we want to keep alive by investing in pioneering businesses in the leading market of environmental technology.

Steinbeis Holding
Business areas

Our goal is to promote intelligent solutions that contribute to the responsible use of raw materials, enable sustainable management in industry, and ensure that future generations can enjoy life to the full. That’s why we focus our energies on the business areas of the circular economy, green energies, and ecological paper.

Business areas of the holding company
We promote sustainable solutions

Steinbeis Holding manages the entrepreneurial assets of the Steinbeis family and is tasked with expanding their investment portfolio in line with their values. Preferred investment targets are SMEs active in the core areas of our group – raw materials, energy, production, and waste materials.

More about investments
Creating and preserving value

Using raw materials and primary energies efficiently, developing and using innovative environmental technologies, sustainability in resource management, designing production and value chains – all these are important factors for the economy, for growth, and for employment.

Company holdings

Generation Steinbeis

Forward thinkers, promoters, and pioneers in the transfer of knowledge and technology and in modern industry. This has shaped Generation Steinbeis for over 150 years.

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